Know When Is the Best Time to Put a Weed Killer on Your Lawn

Weeds are a lot more common than you think and a lot of people suffer from weed invasion. You might also face the same problem in your garden irrespective of the plants that you may grow. The problem can occur around trees, bushes, vegetable plants and even flower beds. You can either use the manual methods to remove the weed or you can choose to opt for a chemical-based weed killer which can do the job efficiently. The question is that when should you really go ahead and apply the weed killer in the lawn? We have covered the answer to your question in 4 points below

Pre-Emergence– If you have a well-established area in the lawn then you can use weed killers even before the weeds emerge. This will stop the seeds from germinating and causing harm to the plants. You must understand the weed lifecycle for this and for example, you can use them just before the start of summers to eliminate any kind of summer weed. The ideal time for this practice is early spring then you would need to reapply the weed killer after 8 weeks again to ensure that there is no exceptional invasion.

Post Emergence– As the name suggests, in this method, you can apply weed killer after the weed has germinated and it is visible. In this case, the weed killer is absorbed by the plant and it kills the plan after the application. The point to be considered here is that if the weed is young then this process is going to work really efficiently but if the weed has grown a lot then it might really not be the best way for you to clear the weed. You can use selective as well as non-selective weed killers in this case.

Weather– You must also time the weather right and it is best to apply the weed killer during the dry weather. There are challenges associated with rain and hence it is not recommended to apply weed killers during the rainy reason. The water not only washes away the weed killer but it May also lead to healthy pants absorbing the weed killer which can be a major problem. In such a case, it is also not recommended to use non-selective weed killers. Also avoid spraying weed killers during a windy day.

Additional Consideration– You might have to re-apply the weed killers depending on the kind of weed killer you are using. If you are applying weed killer before the planting season then it is recommended to spray it on the entire patch but ensure that there are no residual effects on the seeds that you are going to sow.

These are some of the points that you must consider while using a weed killer and this will help you in ensuring that the timings are as per the cycle. It will certainly be a lot more effective than applying weed randomly.

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