Trimmer Vs Epilator: Which is best for women?

Hair removal is what every woman is concerned about and when it comes to smooth removal of hair, two best things which come in mind are trimmers and epilators. Women also wish to look great on short skirts or bikini during vacations and hair removal is mandatory when it comes to gorgeous look. Trimmers and epilator do their job well but when it comes to perfection, let us find out who does this work better.

We shall now discuss the work done by trimmers and why is preferred by many.


The main reason some prefer trimmers is for their cost-effectiveness. Trimmers are known best for their compatibility over the skin and do not cause any harm to the skin. Bikini Trimmers are chosen based on various factors like design, compatibility, durability, reliability, extra features available, quality of the blades, various colors available, lightweight.

When it comes to fulfilling the above factors, trimmers are the best. They provide comfort during the shave. The trimmers are also automatic and provided with batteries and can be rechargeable easily. They do not cause any sort of discomfort during the shave and are easier to carry during travel. The trimmers are designed to remove extra hair with ease and are comfortable to use. The trimmers are provided with good grip which helps in perfect shaving and also comes with LED lights to use in the dark.

The drawbacks of using a trimmer are that they should be used regularly as the hair grows faster when compared to epilator. The hair is not removed from the root tips which makes them grow faster and even thicker than before. Removal of hair is not 100% when using a trimmer and the area is not smooth too.


Epilators are the best for their perfect work. The perfect hair removal solution is offered by epilators at a cost higher than trimmers. The perfect job done by epilators is the reason for being preferred by many women. The hair is removed from their tips which make the hair grow slower than usual.

Epilators are used occasionally as they do their job good in removing even tiny hairs and make them grow slower. A clean shave is what everyone prefers and this is done perfectly by epilators.

The only drawback about epilators is that it is a very painful process. The hair removal process is very painful at the start but as days go by, the pain resides. The use of epilators might be challenging for the first time but gets used to it with practice. Epilators are not as cost-effective as trimmers. For better hair removal, epilators are proffered for their great job but need to invest some decent amount of money for good removal.

Depending on the client’s requirement, trimmers or epilators are chosen. When it comes to discomfort and painful process, epilators are avoided but chosen for their perfect hair removal job. Trimmers are cost-effective but can be used regularly for hair removal.

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