What is a gate valve? How it functions?

A gate valve is used to control the flow of the liquid and control it through the pipelines. The gate valves have a bonnet, body, stem and seat ring. The internal of the valve has a wedge-shaped gate whose movement decides the flow of the liquid through the valve. The movement of the wedge is at 90 degrees to the flow of the liquid through the pipelines. The volume of the flow of the liquid through the gate valve increases as the gate of the valve operates.

Just a word of caution to operate the gate valves in either full on or full off mode. If the gate valves are operated in partial modes, it will lead to wear and tear of the disc as well as create unwarranted noise during the operation.

Working of Gate Valves:

The operation of the valve depends on whether the gate valve is a rising stem or a fixed stem. If the gate valve is rising stem, during the closed condition, the stem doesn’t rise, if the fluid doesn’t flow. When the fluid flows, the stem rises, which indicates the fluid movement. In the non-rising stem, the valves have extra space within the stem, where the movement of the valve takes place upon the flow of the gas. There is a screw that is present within the valve, which comes into the picture as the gas flows though. Finding its application in places with space constraint, the non-rising stem gate valves are used in places where the pipes are present within the ground.

Advantage of Gate valve:

  • The loss in the flow of the liquid due to the friction while the movement of the liquid is very less in gate valves.
  • The gate valves provide a laminar flow of the liquid in the valve, thus keeping the liquid pressure evenly distributed within the valve.
  • The drop in the pressure of the fluid that flows through the gate valve is low compared to other valves.

Disadvantages of the gate valve:

  • Slow in operation; the gate valves work mostly on the pressure of the fluid through the valve. Hence the valves don’t open and close quickly.
  • Loss in energy due to a lot of screws present in case of the non-rising valve.

·        The disc and the seat rings in case of the valve needs to be very clean such that they don’t react with the chemicals flowing through the pipeline.

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