Why Did My Bread Come Out So Dense?

People like to include bread as part of their daily meals. To provide enough nutrients to our body, bread is taken as a breakfast or a portion of food with other meals. People bake bread at their home itself using oven or bread maker machine. Based on the number of members present in a family, they will either use oven or bread makers. But they suffer from the condition that getting bread which is so dense and not fluffy. Here we will discuss the causes of dense bread and the tips to avoid them.

Causes of Dense Bread:

Some nutrition experts have conducted the study and the reason found put for such dense bread. Dense bread is due to four main possible situations such as

  • adding yeast improperly to the hot water mix causing dead yeast
  • Improper mixing of yeast leading to damaged gluten
  • Insufficient or extra kneading of the dough causing gluten damage
  • An Inadequate rising time of bread

Some other causes of dense bread include mixing the salt with yeast, losing your patience of preparation in the middle of kneading or molding the bread and even not having enough tension in your finished loaf of bread before cooking.

Tips to avoid getting Dense Bread:

Spend Enough Time on Kneading:

In general, while preparing bread, the yeast should be mixed with the sugar but not with other ingredients, so that gases will be released. Such gases will get trapped inside the dough to form the mesh by gluten. Such mesh formation will result in soft and fluffy bread. Such gases will get properly formed only when you need the yeast dough for at last 10 minutes using kneading mixer or 20 minutes using your hands. Try gluten free bread maker if you want to bake gluten free bread.

Avoid Mixing Salt and Yeast:

You should avoid mixing the salt and yeast, but you need to add salt in the preparation of bread. Of course, you have to salt but not getting direct contact with the yeast, as the salt kills the yeast. So, you have to add the salt to the dough after mixing the dough with other ingredients which will avoid salt getting direct contact with the yeast. If the yeast is not killed by salt mix, then you would get the best fluffy bread. But you can add sugar and yeast together, as the sugar helps yeast to get accelerated or form the gases and mesh inside the dough needed to form fluffy bread.

Never lose Patience in the preparation of Bread:

Some people will get tired or irritated at the final stages of preparing the bread, as they think the process is too lengthy. Most people will get tensed at the folding and tucking their dough into the center of the bread. But people can mold their bread in whatever shapes they want to. Prepare the bread with much care and love to get the good fluffy bread. Otherwise, you will get dense bread even after mixing all the ingredients properly and doing all things such as kneading, folding, etc. properly.

When you follow the above tips, it is not for sure that you will arrive preparing a fluffy and tasty bread.

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